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Why Upgrade?

Many applications in use today were built with Iron Speed Designer, a platform that accelerated application development by generating ASP.NET Forms applications based on SQL database entity relationships. However, since Iron Speed went out of business in 2015, these applications have become woefully outdated. They lack the latest bug fixes, security updates, and are not certified to run on modern servers. What's more, Iron Speed applications can only be edited with Iron Speed Designer, and licenses for that software are no longer for sale. As developers have moved on from Iron Speed Designer, it has become clear that upgrading these applications to a current, supported platform is essential.

Our Solution: Iron Speed to ASP.Net Core Migration Services

Logical Developers offers a cutting-edge solution to this challenge with our Iron Speed to ASP.Net Core converter. This innovative tool enables us at Logical Developers to seamless migrate Iron Speed Designer applications to ASP.NET Core applications, fully compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio. The benefits of allowing us to convert your applications include:

Enhanced Performance

The converted applications run faster, providing a better user experience.

Improved Security

Modern platforms incorporate the latest security features and updates.


Applications are built on a current platform that is easily maintainable by the large pool of developers trained in Visual Studio and ASP.Net Core.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

With a modern platform, ongoing maintenance and updates are simpler and more cost-effective.

Is the Iron Speed to ASP.Net migration software for sale?

Unfortunately, no. We are not licensing our conversion software to others at this time. Instead, we are using the software in-house to help us convert applications as a service to our customers.


While our converter flawlessly automates the migration of pages without code customizations, pages with custom code will require manual intervention. Our experienced programmers will port these customizations to ensure your application maintains its unique functionality. Applications with extensive business logic in SQL stored procedures will generally require fewer code customizations, making them more cost-effective to convert.

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Let us upgrade your outdated Iron Speed Designer applications using our Iron Speed to ASP.Net Core converter. Ensure your applications are secure, high-performing, and easy to maintain, using nothing other than Visual Studio.

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